Prof. Dr. Dominik Eder


The rise in world demand for energy and the growing need to protect our environment by increasing energy efficiency and developing “clean” energy sources are global challenges, whose resolution is vital to our energy security. As the 21st century unfolds, it appears that these frontiers will not be realised solely by developing new materials, but also by optimising material combinations and taking advantage of their synergistic functions.Our reseach aims to design next-generation functional nanomaterials for these cutting-edge applications and thus is a truly multidisciplinary field that combines both fundamental and applied aspects of materials science, chemistry and physics.We are especially interested in creating materials that can efficiently utilize our sun's energy to photocatalytically produce hydrogen from water (“water splitting”), to reduce CO2 into methanol and methane (“carbon fixture”), to degrade organic compounds (“purification of waste water and air”) and to produce electricity (“dye-sensitized solar cells”).With the help of our collaborators, we also explore our materials' potentials in heterogeneous catalysis, in electrochemical storage devices (i.e. “supercapacitors”) and for data storage (“spintronics”).The desired application governs the physical and chemical characteristics of our materials: These may include a specific morphology and crystal structure, controlled porosity with access to a large surface area, enhanced electronic structures and interfaces (i.e. crucial for optimal light absorption and charge separation), improved mechanical stability, and even specific magnetic properties.

Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster
Corrensstraße 28/30 | 48149 Münster

Tel. +49 251 83-23406


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