Prof. Dr. Christine Achten



  • Bioverfügbarkeit von polyzyklischen aromatischen Verbindungen•
  • Spurenanalytik von Kohlenwasserstoffen•
  • Natural Attenuation•
  • Identifikation unbekannter Umweltschadstoffe

Research focuses on the analysis, occurrence, behaviour, fate and effects of known and unknown organic environmental pollutants in water and soil or sediment. Working fields are trace analysis of unpolar and polar chemical substances, bioavailability and environmental forensics of polycyclic aromatic compounds, degradation processes with regard to natural attenuation at field scale and non-target-analysis as a tool for the identification of unknown pollutants.

Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster
Corrensstr. 24 | 48149 Münster

Tel. 0251 83-36170


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